Wet Sand Blasting Machine

Manual Wet Sand Blasting Machine is used for inkjet manual processing of the outer surfaces of the openwork products, and also for unidirectional pumping to reduce roughness of the internal surfaces of the through and cross holes, grooves, cavities, reducing the magnitude of the surface defects in the form of scratches, chips, burrs, water jet cleaning from scale, rust, grease, carbon, salt deposits, oxides and other impurities, remove surface modified layer.

Technical specifications

Machine size

1400x1600x1700 mm

Working chamber size

1370x1400x750 mm

Chamber loading capacity

≦ 150 kg

Rated power

1100W 3 phase 4 wire

Spray gun

High efficient aluminum holster, high-quality boron carbide nozzle

Inlet pressure

0.4 ~ 0.8 kg/m2


Nozzle diameter

Φ 8 mm

Compressed air pressure

0.4 ~ 0.8 kg/cm2



Machine body adopts 2.5 mm304 stainless steel welded technology,strong and durable, not corrosion, both inside and outside are powder painting surface.

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