S245 Single Arm Resin Sand Mixer

S245 single arm resin sand mixer is mainly used for mixing resin sand equipment and sodium silicate sand; The curing agent supply system adopts electric variable diaphragm pump and gear pump, with light weight, compact volume structure and stable and reliable flow; The sand is mixed evenly, which effectively improves the quality of molding (core making); Short mixing time, no head (tail) sand, clean materials after shutdown; Fully open sand mixing cage arm is convenient for blade cleaning and adjustment, and convenient for operation and maintenance; The single arm slewing structure is simple and the equipment investment is small; The sand inlet of the sand mixer can be equipped with the new and old sand proportion regulator according to the production needs to accurately control the sand production volume and proportion of the new and old sand. The sand mixing process can be selected and changed according to the preset proportion; The electrical appliance is controlled by PLC, with sufficient restriction and protection. The analog screen shows that the work is stable and reliable.

Technical specifications
Height of sand outlet(mm)1300
Gyration radius(mm)2000
Sand mixer motor(kw)4
Sand mixing motor typeY132S-6
Total weight(kg)700

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