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About Rollytech

QINGDAO ROLLYTECH THE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD. is a leading company in designing,manufacturing and selling foundry machines and sand production line projects etc.

ROLLYTECH provides total solutions for customers and focus on improving efficiency and maximizing price-performance cost ratio of products. ROLLYTECH has its own R&D team,innovation and quality are two very critical factors to meet customer demand and create higher value for customer.

Products included steel plate shot blasting machine, H beam shot blasting machine, hook shot blasting machine, tumble belt shot blasting machine etc.;resin sand processing line,clay sand processing line etc., all using CAD and 3D computer-aided design, high production technology.

ROLLYTECH, your ideal one-station foundry business supplier!

  • We are an appealing, family -owned business in the field of surface and foundry technology.

  • "Making the better tomorrow..." drives us forward.

  • We put long-term and sustainable thinking ahead of the short-term pursuit of profit.

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Email: info@rollytechmachinery.com