Dry Sand Blasting Machine

The small dry sand blasting machine produced by our company has novel design, scientific structure and convenient operation; High processing efficiency and low energy consumption; Cyclones can separate dust and sand.

Widely used in electroplating and spraying pretreatment to improve adhesion; Heat treatment, deoxidization, debris removal, rust removal, oil removal and old parts refurbishment of various molds, castings, stampings, metal and non-metallic surfaces; Polishing and atomizing products of all ceramics, glass and plastics; Surface treatment of all metal products, glass and plastic handicrafts, jewelry, glass, clocks and watches.

This machine combines the technology of the same industry in the United States and Japan, and has a good fine sand separation effect to minimize wear. Constant temperature heating device: it can automatically dry the abrasive in the sand blasting process to prevent the abrasive from being damped.

The main components are imported high-quality parts with long service life.

Technical specifications
1Working cabin sizemm760x600x580
2LightW13W energy saving lamp
3Machine loadingKg80
4Machine net weightkg230
6Compressed air sourceKg/cm22-7bar
7Dust removal way/Bag type

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