Automatic Sand Blasting Machine

Conveyor and turntable type sandblasting machine is designed for automatic sandblasting flat shape workparts, such as mobile shell, glass plate, steel plate, computer motherboard, baking tray, etc. The belt automatically and continuously transports the parts at the same time the automatic blast gun working for surface treatment, achieving high production efficiency and great application quality.

Technical specifications
Working chamber size1200x1200x1100mm
Pass through size
Overall sizeL4120xW1900xH3000mm
Conveyor speed0-5m/min,speed adjustable
Qty of blast gun12pcs,Aluminum alloy with boron carbide nozzle,each gun can be controlled individually
Machine material2.0mm thick steel plate
Filter box sizeL1400xW1000xH2100mm(inculding fan height)
Fan power5.5KW

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