QR3220 Rubber tumble belt shot blasting machine

QR3220 rubber tumble belt shot blasting machine has a large effective space in the chamber. With two sets blast wheel, it has the characteristics of large shot blasting volume, good cleaning effect and short cleaning time. A single workpiece can reach 50kg, and a maximum of 1000kg can be loaded each time. It is one of the preferred shot blasting equipment for customers.

Technical specifications
1Workpiece max. weight50kg
2Rolling drum max. load capacity(tumble parts)1000kg
3Productivity(grey casting parts)4000-5000kg
4End disk diameter1000mm3
5End disk rotation speed3.5r/min
6Model of blast wheel
7Abrasive flow rate2x180kg/min/2x250kg/min
8Total power~45KW

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