QGW Steel Pipe Outer Wall Shot Blasting Machine

QGW series steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine mainly uses the high-speed shot flow thrown by the high-efficiency and powerful blast wheels to blast the surface of the rotating workpiece located in the chamber to remove other sticky sand, rust layer, welding slag, oxide skin and other sundries, so as to obtain a fine and clean surface. It improves the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface, improves the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel, improves the internal quality of the steel, and prolongs its service life.

QGW series steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning of steel pipe outer wall with various diameters, and is widely used in pipeline corrosion prevention, petrochemical, iron and steel, central heating, water supply and drainage and other industries.

Technical specifications
Pipe diameter(mm)30-500250-1500
Abrasive flow rate(kg/min)2x250
2x250 or 2x750
Blasting speed(m/min)0.5-40.5-4 or 1-10

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