Z95 Series Automatic Shell Core Machine

Z95 series automatic shell core machine is suitable for vertical parting mold. It can produce shell core or solid core by heating phenolic resin coated sand. It has high efficiency, less sand and less gas generation.

The models include single open and double open mold models. The Z95S double open mold model can complete the production of two sets of molds at the same time, as well as the function of lateral mold block extraction.

The two operating procedures produce shell core or solid core respectively, that is, the template is turned over 180 degrees to empty the remaining sand to produce shell core, and the solid core can be made without turning over.

The coring methods include open mold coring, the moving mold tilts forward 90 degrees to eject the sand core, or upturns 90 degrees to open mold coring, etc.

PLC program control, LCD parameter setting, process display, fault diagnosis, manual / automatic / inching control, automatic digital display temperature control.

The rotary oil cylinder is hydraulically buffered, the turnover is stable without vibration, and the slip ring connection is free of winding.

High frequency hardened chrome guide rail has long service life. The driving mode is pneumatic, hydraulic or gas-liquid combined drive.

Mold, sand shooting plate quick change device and sand feeding device are option for customers.

Technical specifications
Max. core box size(mm)500x500x300600x600x400700x700x400800x800x450900x900x5001000x1000x600
Mould open-close distance(mm)250-650250-800300-800300-900300-900400-1000
Max.sand shooting capacity(kg)152540455060
Single cycle time(s)152020303035
Driving modePneumaticPneumatic/hydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Core taking off methodmachine inside/mve outmachine inside/mve outmachine inside/mve outmachine inside/mve outmachine inside/mve outmachine inside/mve out

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