Flaskless Molding Machine

Adopting unique horizontal and vertical sand shooting structures to meet the production of different castings. This model is an automatic molding machine instead of manual molding. It has the advantages of compact structure, high safety performance, simple and convenient operation, need small area, less pollution, low noise and wide application range for most castings. It can be used to produce automobile parts, such as cylinder head, flywheel shell, brake clamp, etc. Also it can be used for the production of Parts like pipe, valve, shaft, cover plate, for example direct connection, three-way, elbow, pipe clamp and so on.

Technical specifications
Size of  Sand Mold (mm×mm)450*550mm550*650mm610*710mm
Sand Mold Thickness ( mm)120-150mm120-150mm220-350
Mold wayInjection and Compaction
Moulding speed (Sec/mold)28(Without the time of30(Without the time of38(Without the time of
putting sand core)putting sand core)putting sand core)
Compaction pressure0.6Mpa0.7Mpa0.7Mpa
Drive modeHydraumatic-pneumatic
Air consumption1.1m3(Normal/mold)1.2m3(Normal/mold)1.3m3(Normal/mold)
Power supplyAC220-380V (Operation DC24V)
Sand mold weight70kg100kg160kg
Motor power11KW15KW18.5KW
Max Productivity120molds/h (Excluding core setting time)120molds/h (Excluding core setting time)100molds/h (Excluding core setting time)

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